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  • Professional, certified HVAC technicians
  • Service for all models
  • Accurate estimates and fair, honest pricing
On a hot, sweaty summer day your air conditioner generates much-needed coolness in your home. When something suddenly goes wrong with the AC, you could be facing a real emergency, and, of course, air conditioning issues rarely happen at a good time. No worries. At Air Control, we’ve got your back.
With certified, trained service technicians at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the team at Air Control is always ready to make you comfortable again. Our technicians can troubleshoot and repair any make or model air conditioner.
Helpful Repair Tips
A: Check your air filter before you call. It may be too dirty and causing your system not work properly.
B: Check your thermostat if the batteries are low-this may be shutting your system off.
C: Check your circuit breaker to be sure the system is getting power.


  • Up front pricing before any repairs
  • All makes and models
  • Most parts kept on truck to fix your heating issue quickly
It only takes so many layers of blankets and clothing before you have to face it – your heater just isn’t working right. But don’t worry – at Air Control we take the uncertainty out of repairing or replacing your heating system. In the DC area, no one is more dedicated to customer service than our team. Our professionally certified technicians are trained to work on all makes and models of equipment, and we only sell top-rated Carrier units backed by satisfaction guarantees. Day or night, you can rely on Air Control to help you get warm and comfortable again.

Air Quality

  • Duct cleaning and duct sealing services
  • Ventilators that clear out dust and debris
  • Air cleaners and air purifiers
  • Air humidifiers or dehumidifiers
  • Automatic ventilators
Dirty air isn’t just about car exhaust and factory smokestacks. Indoors, air pollutants come from pet dander, tobacco smoke, wood-burning fireplaces, cooking fumes, air fresheners, hygiene products, hair styling sprays, cleaning products, and numerous other sources. Some of these household products may smell good, but they can still contain respiratory irritants. In the short term, people who are sensitive to substances like dust, pollen, mold or perfumes may experience breathing problems, headaches, and other symptoms. Over time, breathing in excessive pollutants could lead to permanent, serious health problems.